Job Interview Tips For The Licensed Practical Nurse

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So, you have completed your training, qualified as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), sent out your resume and have and interview – time for some LPN job interview tips. Some individuals think that the studying is the most difficult part of getting employment as an LPN, but others know that getting through the front door can be really difficult, especially if you are nervous and who is not nervous when being interviewed for a job?

One of the best pieces of advice that you can get is to Read this entire article

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The CNA Route to LPN or Registered Nurse

Everyone understands the many choices that the health care and also medical field has. Nursing specialists with various qualifications operate in different facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, personal clinics, retirement homes, rehab centers, aging houses, and so on, with a typical purpose of serving the sick, elderly, bariatric surgery patients, and diabetic children.

Likewise, individuals have actually become more conscious concerning health and wellness. In addition to this, the expanding populace of seniors and the increase in births has brought focus on a considerable increase in the demand of nursing experts. Hence, becoming a licensed nursing assistant could prove to be a first step for improvement in your nursing occupation. Continue reading The CNA Route to LPN or Registered Nurse

Free Continuing Education Units For LPNs

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You should be well aware at this stage that in order to continue being an LPN you must complete regular continuing education units, or CEUs. This may seem daunting, but there are several resources offering free CEUs for LPNs. More info

Paramedic LPN and RN Bridge Courses

Ambulatory response team members face immense challenges in a fast-paced environment. For a change of career, paramedic knowledge and experience can be used to become a Registered Nurse (RN) by studying through flexible traditional or online learning systems. Paramedic LPN to RN transition options are also available to work toward an Associate of Science in Nursing Degree To give potential candidates an idea of what options are available this article considers sample educational institutions who advertise the capacity to equip paramedics with career advancements. Read about Paramedic to RN options

BSN Nursing Degrees: Facts You Should Know

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A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the basic requirement that most nurses need in order to practice. There are many different ways to earn a BSN degree and a lot of specializations for those who complete it. So why go through the process of doing a BSN degree?

These degrees are specifically designed to prepare those who see a future in nursing with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. The programs offered are often well rounded and can be applied to through both physical and online universities. Once the BSN program has been completed, the graduate can also extend their field of study to become a registered nurse or a specialized nurse.

The Education You Need

The prerequisites for entering the BSN program depend on the institution you have applied to but most of them do require a high school diploma. The big differences come in the types of subjects you took at school, but most will require that you take English, social sciences … Continue reading full article